Public Procurement Monitoring: Here’s What You Should Know

STAKEHOLDER ,  engagement concept  ,  strategy mind map, businesThe government uses a large amount of funds in service delivery in order to benefit the public. Through a good procurement process, the government identifies the needs in the society and works towards providing the right quantity and quality under convenient conditions. Failure to address all issues involved in the procurement process could lead to an imbalance of resources or improper use of funds. This is why third-party monitoring public procurements is necessary especially with the help of reliable websites like

The large amount of money dealt in when it comes to public procurement is a source of issues by itself. This includes corruption and complex contractual agreements some of which may fleece money from the government. Monitoring the efficiency and proper usage of funds is, therefore, necessary if the public is to benefit from the processes. The public relies on transparency to know how funds have been used. This also helps to improve honesty and the quality of services delivered by the government.

Although gaining valuable information about public procurement is integral, it is not the result but rather a means of getting the result the public aspires to get. It creates awareness both locally and internationally and people start realizing its possible to hold the government accountable. It empowers the public and reminds the government that it is in place to serve he needs of the people. The society as whole realizes better service delivery and know how their funds are being used.

One of the most common misconceptions that some people in governments give the public is the civil society wants to replace their government. However, this isn’t the case. The main work of the civil society is to bring transparency and openness. Through the work done by civil societies, the public can then use the information provided to check the quality, quantity and timeliness of services delivered.

It is important for monitoring organizations to have a code of ethics that they can use to conduct public procurement and monitoring in order to avoid bias. The organizations themselves have local representatives who are able to provide the truth and not just claims. They should address the problem in question and work out a way to bring it to the public’s attention as well as inform the government what needs to change.

When monitoring of public procurement isn’t done correctly, then service delivery will be compromised. In the end, you will get poor quality goods and services and there will be no proper deliverables given by the government. It goes without saying that public procurement has a direct impact on the lives of the people in any given country.

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